Anna Held and the Birth of Ziegfeld's Broadway

“Anna Held personified ‘everything that was glamorous about Broadway, everything that was naughty about Paris’… Golden succeeds in communicating Held’s charm.” - The New York Times Book Review


“In this extravagantly entertaining biography, Golden places Held squarely center stage… while painting a meticulously detailed portrait of the dawn of the last century... Readers (will) succumb to her vibrantly told tale.” - Publisher’s Weekly


“Consistently fascinating… Golden does very well with the difficult job of bringing an extinct cultural world back to life.” - The Palm Beach Post

University Press of Kentucky, 2000
243 pages, 69 photos
Hardback, $27.50

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Anna Held at a Los Angeles ostrich farm, 1911

The Brief, Madcap Life of Kay Kendall

"Golden grapples nobly with this captivating sprite, and the difficulty of how to assess Kendall's potential greatness alongside her undoubtedly zestful spirit." - The London Times

"Be grateful that it has found its way into print on this side of the Atlantic." - The Washington Post

"The whole book exudes a wonderful spirit of fun... Golden does a marvelous job of juggling the lightness of Kay's life and the terrible reality of her death." - Classic Images

University Press of Kentucky, 2002
208 pages, 42 photos
Hardback $25.00

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Kay Kendall and Rex Harrison in "The Reluctant Debutante," 1958




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